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Wherever and however you choose to give birth, your experience will impact your mind, your body, and your spirit...for the rest of your life

- Ina May Gaskin


The journey to motherhood is one of the most profound experiences you will ever have. If you receive consistent support, are treated with respect and kindness, are well informed and feel empowered throughout pregnancy and childbirth

it will have a positive impact that is lifelong! 

A doula supported birth starts long before labor begins. It's in the shared planning and preparation during pregnancy, the exchange and flow of helpful information, the trusted bond that is formed over time between doula and mother-to-be. It's knowing you can reach out whenever you need information, resources, or support. It's bringing your partner fully in and helping them to feel prepared, involved, and vital to your birth experience. It's having a caring professional in your corner, passionately supporting your decisions and desires, believing in you, every step along the way!

As your doula I am committed to providing support that is tailored to your needs and desires, and to work with you and your partner prenatally to prepare for a confident and empowering birth! When labor arrives I will be there to provide my unwavering emotional and physical support. I will guide and comfort you with a calm, reassuring presence and joyful spirit, ensuring your best possible birth experience. It is my honor and privilege to share this journey with you!

Kim Potvin, CD(DONA) • Certified Birth Doula


Kim Potvin, CD(DONA)

I trained and certified as a Birth Doula through DONA international, and have continued my education and training to include:

DONA Certified Childbirth Education 

Advanced Mind-Body Skills Training: Coping, Resiliency, Mindful Relaxation

Lactation Specialist Training

Rebozo and Acupressure

Spinning Babies

Comforting Touch/Massage For Birth

I attend home, birth center and hospital births, and am proud to support LGBTQ families and clients from all cultures and communities. I provide respectful and personalized care for every growing family!


Why Hire A Doula?

The presence and care of a birth doula can have a profound impact on a woman's birth experience

Research and studies have shown that having the support of a birth doula often results in

  • Fewer medical complications / interventions

  • Decreased need for pain medication

  • Decreased need for synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor

  • Reduced cesarean rates

  • Decreased need for vacuum extractor, forceps, and episiotomies

  • Lower anxiety, stress, and pain for mom (and partner!)

  • Increased satisfaction with overall birth experience

I offer an array of techniques and measures to ease physical and emotional discomfort

  • Calm, Relaxing Atmosphere - Essential oil diffuser, warm soft lighting, soothing music

  • Physical Comfort - Massage, shower or bath (water therapy), hot/cold packs, counter pressure, acupressure, breathing techniques, positioning, birth ball, Rebozo techniques, comforting touch

  • Emotional Comfort- Support, affirmation, encouragement, a safe space to express your feelings and desires and to access your power

  • I also have a comprehensive resource list, and am happy to recommend informational websites, books, DVD's, local groups, services, and other highly regarded professionals and caregivers to my clients upon request!

Doulas & Partners Working Together​

Having the support of a birth doula does not replace or diminish your partners role! Partners often have significant fears and anxieties surrounding birth giving. In prenatal visits we have the opportunity to address those concerns, and to learn and practice comfort measures that your partner can offer,

 at their level of comfort, during labor.

Many partners are able to touch, hold, and assist with more confidence when they have the guidance, calming influence and caring support of a doula!


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Kim Potvin, CD(DONA)

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