We are so glad we hired Kim to help guide us through the hospital birth of our first child, our sweet baby girl! I waned to deliver as naturally as possible, but we were both pretty overwhelmed by the process and all of the information about how to best prepare. Kim gave us great physical and mental exercises to practice, and was such a wonderful and calming presence at our home, in the hospital, and afterward when she visited us to assist with breastfeeding. It was so helpful to have one person consistently setting the tone and assisting both of us throughout the most intense experience of our lives. I didn't end up having the natural birth that I had hoped for, but in the end it didn't really matter to me because I felt like I had really tried everything and had so much support throughout the whole process. We very highly recommend Kim!

~ Anna W


Kim was an absolute delight to work with! As we prepared for the birth of our first child, Kim helped us prepare mentally and emotionally for the experience. Both my partner and I felt fully supported by her and her knowledge. I felt that me needs were listened to and Kim help us have the birthing experience we wanted. When we found out our baby was breeched Kim went out of her way to help us find resources to flip the baby. Through everything we did, the baby flipped!

During delivery Kim was so supportive and curated a really calm environment for both my partner and I. I feel eternally grateful for her presence in those moments. We love Kim and felt very lucky to have her as part of our birthing experience!!

~ Leith Miller


I’m a first time mom who wanted a natural, unmedicated birth but was anxious about labor and delivery. Kim’s compassion, empathy and knowledge gave me the tools and the confidence to prepare for the kind of birth I had hoped for. While she was unable to attend my birth in person due to Covid-19, we used FaceTime when the big day arrived. Her calm demeanor and gentle guidance was invaluable. Giving birth to my son is my proudest achievement and having Kim by our side helped immensely!

~Natalie B


Words cannot describe how happy I am that we decided to hire Kim as our doula and how grateful I was and am to have had her support during the birth of our son. Really, being so helpful through such a vulnerable, transformative, occasionally frightening, and certainly very intense experience, Kim became family. 

My husband and I went back and forth about whether to hire a doula, but everyone I spoke with who had one highly recommended making the investment, and I am so very grateful that we did. My birth was by far the most crazy and intense experience of my life. The pain was excruciating (I wanted to have a medication free/natural birth) and I was disoriented and vulnerable in a way I never have been before. However, I can honestly say that it was also the best experience of my life-so transformative, empowering, and completely beautiful. Having Kim there was a huge part of my birth being such a positive experience, for myself, my husband, and my mother, who along with Kim were my birth team.

I was unsure what I was looking for in a doula and I met with several. While their offerings were similar (2 meetings before birth, presence at the birth, and a meeting afterwards), Kim was the perfect mix of power, honesty, sweetness, and confidence that I had subconsciously imagined and we knew right away that we have found our doula. Kim was organized, punctual, open, knowledgeable, fun, incredibly kind, easy to chat with, friendly, and professional. We learned so much in the two pre-birth meetings and I went into my birth more confident knowing that she would be there through it all to support us. 

The day of my birth, my labor slowed down (a common occurrence that I had not learned about, despite reading many books and chatting with girlfriends, doctors, etc.) and Kim knew just what to do to get my labor going again so I wouldn't get too tired. Without her support I would have labored for much longer and/or gone to the doctor when I was less dilated. I labored for only 4 hours at the hospital before giving birth, and during that time Kim helped keep the room very calm and comfortable, and had crucial suggestions for positions I and my husband could get into to help move the baby down and connect. She also helped massage and apply pressure to my back through each contraction, which helped ease the pain. Her presence during the birth was so helpful and reassuring to me. Without her support I know my husband would have been less comfortable, I would have labored longer, and the chances of me opting for pain medication would have been much higher. I know that her support was a huge reason for my birth being so smooth and empowering. 

My husband and I truly cannot recommend Kim enough. 

~Natalie S.


Worth your weight in gold! I'm very very happy you were there throughout the process with your guidance.Your energy was beautiful. Love, Bo

~Bo O.


Hiring Kim as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made concerning our first pregnancy and birth. Kim was an amazing advocate for my wife at the hospital and was incredibly informative throughout the entire pregnancy. Her sessions leading up to the birth helped prepare us for the actual birthday. I know that the exercises that she taught us, both physical and mental, made a serious difference in our birthing experience. Kim was a calming and stabilizing force throughout the entire pregnancy. My wife was able to have the birthing experience she wanted, completely natural. This included successfully flipping our daughter from the breach position at 37 weeks, which I gather is a rare occurrence. All in all, I'd give Kim's services 6 stars if possible. Thank you Kim! See you for our next baby :)

~Nicholi Ludlow


I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kim and her services by another soon to be mom. Upon meeting in person, I was immediately captivated by her warmth, gentle strength, compassion, positive energy and kind nature. Although I had a basic understanding of what a doula does, she explained the role in full and after that I knew that having a doula would be a wonderful idea for us. Kim met with husband and I multiple times before the birth. We discussed our birth plan, she led me in meditation and breathing exercises, showed me stretches and movements that would help with labor, she listened to my fear and worries and offered gentle positivity and affirmations. When the time came, she joined us at the hospital and was a superhero. She was our coach, our gatekeeper, advocate, and cheerleader. She was such a supportive presence… literally, as she helped hold my legs along with my husband. My husband and I are so grateful that she was there with us and give her the highest recommendation. We consider her our baby’s special auntie that was helping, supporting and guiding us in our journey to meet him.
~ Jennifer W.


We went to all the classes but when it was time, it was great having someone there to support both my wife and I. Someone that knew the process, who had the experience, and who was able to be there on our team. Kim brought a level of calm, expertise and organization to what was at times a frightening experience for first time parents. I am thankful that we had her with us and can’t recommend her highly enough.
~ Todd W.


I gave birth to our first child at home, with Kim as our doula. Because I wouldn’t have access to medication for pain relief I knew I would need a lot of motivation and support, and I didn’t want my husband to have to take on that role all alone. I can’t say enough about how amazing Kim was. She NEVER left my side. I will forever remember her soothing voice reminding me how to breathe when I was struggling to make it through each contraction. I held onto her voice like I was holding onto dear life, and am forever grateful to her. She is incredibly kind and gentle. Kim genuinely cares and puts a lot of time and effort into her work. Anyone that has her at their birth will be in the best hands possible, and you’ll have a new friend for life.
~ Christa G.


I initially wanted a doula to attend my birth as a physical support and source of alternative pain management, as I was planning and hoping for an unmedicated birth. Kim was as much support for my husband as she was for me, keeping his stress level down and allowing him to focus on being there for me. She was calm, supportive, accommodating, gentle, empowering, and our biggest advocate with the medical staff. Kim helped me have the unmedicated birth I set out to have, and went above and beyond our expectations. We would have had a much different birth experience without her there. We could not be more grateful to have had Kim as our doula and she will forever be a very important part of our birth story!
~ Amanda C.


We are so grateful to Kim for helping us bring our son into the world! We cannot imagine doing it without her. It's clear she is meant to do this work and we feel so lucky to have had her with us for this life changing journey!

~ Blaire B.


From the partner perspective, Kim was as amazing for me as she was for my wife. In addition to being present/caring/supportive for the mother, Kim was regularly checking in with me. Getting time to eat, take a nap, step outside is as important as emotional support and Kim gave me the breaks I needed to do all of that. Highly recommend!

~ Cory A.


On the first month anniversary of our baby boy’s birth, I’d like to take a moment to thank Kim so much for her incredible work helping me deliver Oliver. She was calm and intuitive- knowing exactly what I needed every step of the way. I don’t know how I could have done it without her. Not only did she help prep us before Oliver’s arrival but she has been steadfast and attentive, following up postpartum as well. I love you Kim, thank you for your guidance, your care and most of all your love!
~ Gabrielle K.


I had no idea what to expect when my daughter was being born. It was so incredibly helpful to have the support of someone who brought calm into a room which felt so chaotic. Kim did such a wonderful job with my wife and guiding her through this journey. Thank you Kim for all that you do and the mothers that you serve!!
We are forever grateful!!
~ Mike C.


Kim came into our lives and provided so much value as we prepared to become first time parents. Her expertise and postive, calming presence during prenatal visits was helpful and the support she brought to my husband and I during labor and delivery was amazing. We highly recommend Kim to be your doula, she is incredible.
~Kristin T.


Kim has a special gift with bringing calm, serenity and a reassuring presence to labor & delivery - from preparing in the weeks ahead to the moment baby arrives. I was attempting a VBAC and had a plan for how I wanted things to go, but surprise! - my plan required a series of changes and interventions along the way and ultimately led to an emergency c-section. After 3 days of back labor, I was exhausted (and so was my husband!) and extremely emotional. Kim literally and figuratively held my hand through it all. She helped me feel secure, strong, and capable and just as importantly, took a lot of the pressure off of my husband who was admittedly overwhelmed. Looking back at the events that occurred over those 3 days, I feel grateful and at peace with the outcome and a huge part
of that is thanks to Kim. She rocks!
~ Jenee M.