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My BIRTH Services

Complimentary consultation​- We’ll arrange a time to chat so we can get to know each other a bit, talk about your desires for your birth and how I can help you achieve your goals

2-3 Prenatal in home visits- In these visits we will address questions and concerns you or your partner may have, discuss your options and preferences for labor and birth, and prepare you- mind and body- for your birth experience

Through my demonstration and guidance at each visit you (and your partner) will learn and have the opportunity to practice and integrate proven methods and techniques to prepare you, empower you, and increase your confidence as you move through pregnancy toward labor and birth​

You'll have unlimited communication with me via phone, text and email 

throughout your pregnancy and into early postpartum

​My assistance in sharing evidence based information and important resources 

to help you feel fully informed throughout your pregnancy and into early postpartum​

Pre-arranged back up doula should an unexpected situation arise

I'll be on call 24/7 from 38 weeks pregnancy until the birth of your baby

My dedicated, unwavering physical and emotional support and guidance throughout your active labor and birth. I'll create a calm and soothing labor environment, assist with movement and positioning, mindful relaxation, breathing techniques, and offer encouragement and comfort measures. I’ll be there for your partner as well, ensuring that their needs are met, and helping them to assist and support you (at their level of comfort) as you move through labor and give birth to your baby​. Once baby arrives I’ll assist with first breastfeeding and stay until you are ready for private time

One postpartum visit - I’ll visit you at home once you are settled in. This will give us the opportunity to process your birth, address concerns and questions, make sure breastfeeding is going well, and share the joy of your new arrival! If you wish we can arrange a second postpartum visit for an additional fee.

​Total Fee:  $1950.

Payment accepted through Zelle, Cash, or Check

Payment plans are available

My Services - Details: Opening Hours


Designed to help you thrive

in the tender first weeks

of new parenthood

Complimentary consultation​- We’ll arrange a time to chat so we can get to know each other a bit and talk about a postpartum plan that meets your individual needs

Emotional and Physical Support-The adjustment to parenthood can often be challenging. You and your baby are new to this experience, and there's a lot to do and learn...all while recovering from birth giving. It's easy to become overwhelmed! I'll share my postpartum resources and insights with you, listen without judgement, be an encouraging voice, and offer guidance on self care and relaxation that can help with your healing process and emotional well being

Overnight Home Visits- I'll arrive at your home, check in with you about your day and offer my help with any challenges that may need addressing, then help your family to settle in for the night

Infant Care- I'll take care of all of babies needs during the night so that you and your partner can get the sleep you need to fully recharge, and have energy for the day ahead. If you're exclusively breastfeeding, I will bring baby to you to nurse and then return to diaper and settle baby back to sleep. If you choose to pump or use formula, I will bottle feed baby and you can sleep

uninterrupted through the night.

I'll comfort, rock, sing, whatever it takes to ensure baby gets proper rest as well. 

Breastfeeding Support- It's common for new moms to have breastfeeding challenges in the first days or even weeks following birth. I'll work with you to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing, or refer you to a trusted resource for further assistance if needed 

Sleep Support- Crafting a plan that will support restorative sleep is particularly important for new parents. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can lead to stress, difficulty coping, impatience, lack of focus and even postpartum depression. I'll provide resources and help you create a bedtime routine for restful nights, while I provide loving care for your baby

Preparation for Family Morning Hours- While you and baby are sleeping soundly I can set up morning tea or coffee, fold baby laundry...simple things to help you start your day with ease!

Pre-arranged back up doula should an unexpected situation arise

Fee for all Postpartum Services listed above- $50. per hour

DAYTIME Postpartum Services

Being a new parent is a big adjustment, and requires a lot of energy! Having the support of a trusted doula who can spend a few hours a day caring for your baby while you rest and recover, work, or take some time for yourself can help your family transition smoothly. Having time to get some exercise,

do your errands, meet with friends, or just catch up on sleep and self care can be a welcome respite to long days at home with an infant! I'll come to your home, attend to all of babies needs, and help with tasks such as baby laundry, tidying up, preparing you a healthy snack, and taking baby (and your dog if you have one) on a walk. 

4 hour- 6 hour visits available

Fee for Daytime Postpartum Support

$40. per hour


My Services - Details: Welcome
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